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God’s time

By early winter at the beginning of second semester Junior Year, Dominik had missed a lot of school. In addition to his personal absences, the Washington area had several winter storms. Classes were cancelled, but the students were still expected to keep up with their reading and homework. Gonzaga lost even more days that cold…

The Flow

Dominik’s experience of struggle after his burst appendix made feeling well again all the more sweet. During the Summer between Junior and Senior year, he worked at Ledo’s, did some schoolwork, played some hockey and began to gather again with his friends. When he was welcomed back to Gonzaga for his Senior year, he was…

Dom in Utah

At the start of his freshman year in college, PJ (a friend of Dom’s who was also in the accident) was sharing his experience with a new friend who’d heard nothing of the tragedy before.

We were all Eagles

If you really think about it, the most beautiful things that happen on Earth take place in brief periods of time. They could be a hockey game, a Led Zeppelin Song, or a drive down the GW parkway painted with thoughts and images from a long day at school.