“We have a desire for eternity…”

Please join us on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, for a Memorial Mass for Dominik on the 8th anniversary of his passing into eternal life. Mass will be celebrated by Father Brad Elliott, O.P., at 4PM at the gravesite in Section 24 at Gate of Heaven cemetery. All are welcome to come and pray.

The Petteys are grateful to all who attended Dominik’s birthday Mass on Aug. 5, 2022, celebrated by Fr. Greg Okulewicz.

“We are here to reflect upon death and life….each one of us has a cross; it’s the thing that makes us experience death every day…the thing that we don’t accept, the thing that destroys us so to speak. Having the Memorial [Mass] of Dominik’s life and death helps us to reflect on how we experience death. And to see that those crosses are there to remind us the we are all going to die. And that all of us have to be ready because we don’t know the moment…We have an immortal soul. How do we know it? Because we have a desire for eternity. That’s why the cross, that suffering hurts us so much because it makes us see we are limited, we have no answer and the only answer is Jesus Christ, the only answer is eternal life…that we are invited to participate right now in this Eucharist, and to ask for the grace that we may be ready to meet Dominik in heaven as we pray that he will be there waiting for us, Amen.” (Homily)