“God has taken him there to be one of the intercessors here…”

“We’re celebrating all Saints Day. We are celebrating the memory of Dominik….We truly believe, we truly hope that as the opening pair of today’s Mass [readings] talked about–that in the whole great colony, new multitude of intercessors, we now include Dominik. One of those intercessors in our heart.

We really believe that God has taken him there to be one of the intercessors here.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux had a great reflection on today’s feast. He says, when we commemorate all the saints, it’s not so much for the saints because they’re already enjoying the blessed life of Heaven. It’s actually for us. So let’s thank God of course, for the life of Dominik and in a very paradoxical way, thank him for the death of Dominik, because it’s through that death that God has actually willed to reveal his life present among us on this earth.

And let’s never forget that as painful as these moments can be, we know that death never has the last word. And Dominik is proof of that. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ, who in a few moments will be made present here, once again, body blood, soul, and divinity. So again, He reminds us of his presence, enduring presence, and that presence will last.

And may we always hope…with that longing of sincere, pure desire, that we too will share the banquet of all the saints in Heaven with Dominik.”

Homily of Fr. Daniel Pajerski, L.C. , November 1, 2021