Hockey boy

“Dom Pettey lives in our hearts and will always be the beloved #11 Hockey Boy of Gonzaga.” -Rosemary Joaquin


Rosemary Joaquin grew up in Washington, D.C. and is a graduate of Georgetown Visitation.

Rosemary knew the Pettey family from Visitation and from Visitation’s first girl’s hockey team in 2013-14 where Dom’s sister, Veronika led the team. Rosemary knew Dom from Seven Locks Pool and through her brother and the Gonzaga High School community. Rosemary was a freshman in college at Elon University in North Carolina when Dom passed from this world. Like so many from the DC area, she felt very far from home but wanted to offer support to the Pettey family even though she was at a distance.

Rosemary said a prayer and composed a song of remembrance for the beloved “Hockey Boy” of Eye Street. She recorded the song on her computer and sent it to the Pettey family.

Five years later, now a musician in Nashville, TN, Rosemary re-recorded her song to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Dom’s passing.

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