A surprise request

The Petteys recently received this surprise request from a parish priest in Massachusetts:

“Hello, I am a friend of Father D. I received a number of prayer cards from him that were inspired by one of the priests who attended the funeral of Dominik. It has been very helpful to us as we restore our parish. Is it possible to get a large number of the cards?…Thank you, Father M.”

When the Petteys contacted Father D., the Massachusetts-based Jesuit priest who had given his brother priest the Holy Spirit prayer cards inspired at Dominik’s funeral, this is what he wrote:

The prayer card…where do I begin – the prayer, the Holy Spirit – changes lives – I feel my own life changing and I find I can’t be without it- I stick it in my bag when I go for an overnight – or carry to my room in a book –  etc. I have given the prayer card to retreatants –  and it does wonders for them on their retreats.  I have a Diocesan Priest who comes to see me… he is a holy man –  my age – and is in a challenging parish –  old, dilapidated – interiorly, and in the people as well –  but – he is turning the parish around…he has taught himself to say Mass in Vietnamese and in Spanish –  amazing. Well – I gave him one of the prayer cards – he came last week and said …‘that prayer –  it does wonders.. and if you pray it seriously you have to put on your seat belt because the Spirit will take you and move you forward’… he asked for more…. I have very few left myself. If ever you have more to spare – I’d be so grateful.  It is extraordinary what that one prayer does.  I don’t have to tell you that…”

Download a copy here…