God’s time

By early winter at the beginning of second semester Junior Year, Dominik had missed a lot of school.

Outside notebooklighter
Dominik’s Kairos notebook

In addition to his personal absences, the Washington area had several winter storms. Classes were cancelled, but the students were still expected to keep up with their reading and homework. Gonzaga lost even more days that cold winter when frozen pipes burst and flooded the school.

Dominik was scheduled to go on Kairos (Greek for “God’s Time”), a retreat experience away from campus from Tuesday through Friday at the end of February. Although he was worried about getting even further behind in his classwork, he decided to go anyway.

Dom was moved deeply by those days.

During the months of Spring 2014 when he was absent from school and undergoing his greatest struggles, he pulled out the materials he received during that Kairos week and re-read them all.

He had hoped to be a Kairos leader during his Senior year.

Dom’s highs were going to Gonzaga, hockey championships, Kairos; his lows were being cut from the Varsity tryouts his freshman year and his appendix surgery.

“Kairos was a special time for us, Dom. We are brothers through Gonzaga, brothers through Kairos, and one day I hope we can be brothers in heaven. Dom-o, you will be missed, and I’ll live the fourth for us both.” –Gonzaga classmate