The Flow

Dominik’s experience of struggle after his burst appendix made feeling well again all the more sweet.

Dom’s flow

During the Summer between Junior and Senior year, he worked at Ledo’s, did some schoolwork, played some hockey and began to gather again with his friends.

When he was welcomed back to Gonzaga for his Senior year, he was elated.

His joy at being back was infectious. He made up for lost time by setting up his lawn chairs and gathering with his friends. His first quarter grades were the best of his high school years. Back in the flow, he offered the hope and truth of his own experience.

“I got to know him a little bit last Spring when he was struggling. I have heard that he was in a really good place this year and that he brightened up the lives of so many of his friends and teammates on Eye Street. I have a Junior I work with who said he was helped when Dom shared his struggles with depression. It made this young man feel less alone and gave him hope.” –Gonzaga counselor, Letter to the Petteys