“Live like Dom”

I went to pre-school with Dominik, and then 1st through 8th grade with him at St. Bart’s.

I also lived a few blocks away in his neighborhood so we would carpool and hang out together while we were growing up.

We went to separate high schools: Dom to Gonzaga and me to St. John’s, so there was a bit of rivalry there during those years!

Dom always talked about going into the military, and that was an interest I shared too.

After high school, I joined the Army, serving as a Civil Affairs Specialist. Still in this role, I am now in college studying Communications Management. Dominik continues to be my inspiration. I feel him with me every day.

After he died, I invited a group of his high school friends to record a tribute for the Petteys. I am grateful to Dom’s friends for gathering at St. Bart’s to share their memories of our great friend. You can watch the video HERE.


Ramzi and his friend Nia at the St. John’s/Gonzaga game the evening of Dominik’s funeral Mass. The St. John’s student body wore purple ribbon crosses to the game. Ramzi loves the fact that in this picture, the purple cross pinned to his pants is inexplicably lit up.