Why the name Dominik?

Patrick and Magdalena chose the name Dominik because of their love of the Dominican order brought forth by their friendship with Father Jaroslaw Kupczak, O.P., when he was studying at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C.

Fr. Jarek was one of the many priests who concelebrated and preached the homily at the Pettey’s wedding.  The Pettey family visited Fr. Jarek many times after he returned to Krakow, Poland, on their family trips there.

Dominik and his father had an overnight retreat at the Dominican House of Studies the evening prior to Dominik’s first Holy Communion.

At Dominik’s requiem Mass, the Dominicans provided a relic of St. Dominic to place on the altar.

with Fr. Jarek
Father Jarek and Dominik

After hearing the news of Dominik’s death, “I went to the chapel to pray….Our chapel was flooded with sunlight.  It was warm and quiet. From the beginning of my prayer for Dominik and his whole family suffering pain and shock I had a very strong feeling that Dominik is kneeling beside me and praying with me.  I could not get rid of this thought that came.  I do not know [from] where it came, that I do not need to pray for Dominik but I can pray with him.”

Father Jaroslaw Kupczak, O.P.

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