Dom Day

“Dom Day” is the name the Gonzaga Seniors gave to the Monday after Dominik died. 

Following a morning prayer service, the Senior class was dismissed for the day. Rather than splitting up and going their separate ways, they decided to go to Dominik’s favorite hangout, the Franklin/K Street parking lot to celebrate his life.

Dom Day
Patrick Pettey with the Seniors on Dom Day


“When your husband stood on top of his car in the Gonzaga parking lot and talked to the boys who were mourning Dom, it was a profound religious experience for our son, who sent us a picture of your husband and said that he was a most amazing hero, man and father. [Our son] remarked that he felt the Holy Spirit watching over your husband when he comforted the boys in his own hour of deepest sorrow.” – Letter to the Petteys from the mother of a Gonzaga Student

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